The sample shop is the the crown jewel of IFA. New product ideas are first implemented in the sample shop. The manufacture of samples remains an indispensable element during product development. Despite comprehensive computer simulation prior to sample build, only the empiric proof of function and durability lends ultimate conficence. Samples allow the study of fit and ease of assembly in the vehicle and the verification of design targets such as the weight of the shaft. Samples are used to verify product durability on the test bench and in the vehicle. Failure modes can be identified and eliminated early on. Reaching milestones based on sample manufacture and characterization is the backbone of the IFA product development process (PDP).


The IFA group runs a corporate sample shop at Haldensleben. The sample shop is a little factory in a large factory. It is located in a dedicated production hall and furnished with dedicated equipment.

This ensures that the sometimes tedious, low-volume production of samples does not hamper large volume series production.

The sample shop is tasked by sales and engineering to manufacture samples for all IFA customers. Sample manufacure requires special skills and special care. The sample shop team is especially trained for this job. The team commands a wide range of qualifications.

The sample shop team supports the development of new production processes at IFA by applying and proving new methods first at IFA.


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