IFA develops and produces prop shafts for front-, rear- and all wheel drive passenger cars and for light, rear-wheel driven commercial vehicles. Prop shafts are applied in vehicles with combustion engines and in vehicles with hybrid drivetrains.

IFA customers include American and European mass vehicle producers as well as the Italian and German sports car makers. Prop shafts transfer torque from the transmission to the axle differentials. Depending on the customer specification, IFA prop shafts may contain up to three tubes, up to four joints and up to three bearings.


In collaboration with the car makers’ engineering teams, around 80 IFA engineers in research and development and in the plants create solutions fitting every vehicle. The car maker specifies the interfaces to the transmission, the differential and the chassis, the available box volume, the maximum allowable shaft weight, the maximum number of revolutions per minute, the maximum value of torque, the maximum value of inclination angle, the maximum value of plunge travel, the lowest and the highest expected temperatures, the exposure to pebbles, the desired corrosion resilience and the telescoping properties of the shafts in case of a vehicle crash.

IFA then designs the shaft from existing design kits for tubes and joints, simulates the shaft properties, builds samples, validates their durability under duress on the test bench and in the vehicle, and launches the new shaft design in mass production in close coordination with the customer. IFA produces prop shafts in Haldensleben (Germany), Charleston (USA) and in Shanghai (China).


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