Product validation ist is a core competence of IFA. As a partner of the auto makers, IFA offers know how and laboratory capacity to validate drive shafts and joints. IFA runs four test centers. The lead test center is located in Haldensleben. Satellite test centers are located in Novi, Michigan (USA), in Shanghai (China) and in Ujazd (Poland). In these centers IFA validates samples and series products on a continuous basis. The test specimens are stressed either on test benches or in the vehicle. Among the loads are:

(i) torque under defined inclination angle of the shaft,

(ii) revolutions per minute,

(iii) temperature,

(iv) time duration of exposure to load,

(v) vibrations,

(vi) corrosion and abrasion,

(vii) mud and water ingress and

(viii) crash loads.

The function of the specimens is monitored continually during load application. After concluding the run, the specimens are disassembled and analyzed.


The IFA engineering departments define the necessary tests in a Design Validation Plan (DVP). The DVP is coordinated with the auto maker. Survival of stress runs is the most potent proof to the customer of the achievement of milestones in the IFA product development process (PDP). Prior to entering series production, an IFA drive shaft hat passed the stress load equivalent of several 100 000 km of driving under the toughest of conditions. The IFA stress and test procedures are continually adapted to reflect the growing requirements for drive shafts and joints.

In certain runs, IFA products are stressed to failure. Thus the weakest elements of the design can be identified and improved. Stress to failure gives proof that a new IFA shaft is more durable than the predecessor version or the competitor design.

IFA surveys the market and analyzes requirement specifications of the auto makers systematically. IFA stresses, tests, disassembles and analyzes competitor products (IFA benchmark process).

IFA thus deduces requirements for future products and creates an informed basis for discussions with the auto makers. IFA improves her products continually.


Upon customer request, IFA also verifies assembly and operation in the vehicle. The necessary mobile diagnostics are available at IFA. They include microphones, laser surface scanners and spectrum analyzers.

The IFA-experts can apply IFA products optimally to the vehicle based on empirically gathered acoustic and vibration data. The test centers thereby help IFA to expand the knowledge on state of the art drive train technology.


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