Haldensleben, the region and Saxony-Anhalt is more than just a business location for the IFA Group. It is our home, where we live and work for generations with our families and friends. Active participation in the positive development of our region is therefore a personal matter.

As an economically successful company, we have always considered it our duty to assume social responsibility and to support local projects that enrich our region. As a globally operating company, we actively oppose any form of discrimination and work for a peaceful communication and democratic discourse in Haldensleben and wherever we are at home with the IFA Group.

We are pleased to introduce a selection of social projects and initiatives supported and promoted by the IFA Group, the owner family of Nathusius and the volunteer work of numerous IFA employees:



The Evangelische Stiftung Neinstedt e.V. is one of the most important social institutions in the field of disability assistance in Saxony-Anhalt. A total of around 680 dormitories and 380 workshop spaces for people with disabilities are offered.

The institution was founded in 1850 by Marie Nathusius (1818-1857) and her husband Philipp Nathusius (1815-1872) under the name "Neinstedter Anstalten". Up to today's Evangelische Stiftung Neinstedt e.V., the social institution has changed and reinvented itself over the past almost 170 years, and over the entire period, generations of members of the Nathusius family have helped and supported this change. Most recently, Heinrich von Nathusius was a member of the foundation's board of trustees and currently, Caroline von Nathusius is an ambassador for the foundation. The IFA Group works closely with the Workshop for Disabled People (WfbM) of the Neinstedt foundation. There, for example, rubber rings for universal joints are mounted, joints are prepared for freight to the US, or alloy work is carried out.


Another partner is Lebenshilfe Ostfalen e.V. in Hundisburg. The institution of various facilities for self-help for disabled people offers not only residential places but also workshops for people with disabilities. Our partner has been supporting the IFA Group in their workshops since 2001 with various tasks such as gluing sealing rings onto joints and packaging shafts and spare parts kits. In addition, 20 employees work directly at the main plant in Haldensleben and take care of the maintenance of green spaces as well as assembly and repacking activities.




Charm stands for "Charleston-Haldensleben-Hundisburg - American Restoration Art meets Europe". Since 2012, the project group, founded by Caroline and Felix von Nathusius, is committed to the preservation of cultural traditions for buildings in the USA and Europe as well as the further development of castle Hundisburg. US students and graduates of the American College of Building Art (ACBA) located in Charleston, South Carolina, have the opportunity to live and work in the Castle Park complex. The "Charleston Place" in the Landscape Park in Althaldensleben has already been created using traditional, handcrafted stonemason and stone carvings. The IFA Group supports international project work as one of the main sponsors.


Children from socially vulnerable families deserve the special protection of our society. The IFA Group therefore supports the Kinderschutzbund Börde e.V., which is based in Haldensleben, in its diverse activities, which have recently increasingly included the integration of refugee children and families from war and crisis areas. Employees of the IFA Group regularly volunteer to modernize the playground, for example, with a lot of craftsmanship and material, or to make the children laugh at the annual summer party with grilled sausage and cool drinks. The workforce of the IFA Group shows a great willingness to help with regular calls for donation around Christmas or to support refugees.



Coincidentally, employees of IFA-Kardan 2013 discovered a home for disabled children and adolescents in Cristuru Secuies (Harghita County in Transylvania) on a business trip to a supplier in Romania. Shaken by the human suffering, they started a call for donations in co-operation with the Kinderschutzbund Börde e.V. (Child protection association). The one-off action has since developed into a solid partnership. Once a month, aid transports clothing, toiletries, toys and furniture from Haldensleben to Romania. The IFA workforce also donates and supports their colleagues in their commitment.


The sponsorship for day care center Max & Moritz in Haldensleben was taken over by the IFA Group in 2014. The goal of the sponsorship is to bring the topics of environment, work and education closer to the youngest. With our support, we make theater visits, excursions of the children's groups or the extension of the kita-own library possible. We are happy to open our doors to the children, so that they can get an idea of working in a modern factory and look forward to the appearances of committed children at our company celebrations.




The Jugendmühle Althaldensleben e.V. was founded on the initiative and with the support of Heinrich von Nathusius. The children and youth facility contributes to the fact that children and adolescents develop into curious, courageous, critical, strong and cosmopolitan personalities. Numerous leisure and sports activities as well as homework courses are part of the program. The IFA Group continuously supports the Youth Mill as a sponsor.

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