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Drive shafts and joints for the best vehicles in the world

The IFA group offers a portfolio of drive shafts with universal and constant velocity joints for use in combustion engine-, hybrid- or battery powered vehicles. About 80 engineers work in eight IFA engineering- and production sites in Europe, North America and China in close proximity with the customers.  IFA gathers the customer requirements, sketches a concept for the drive shafts, simulates their properties, builds samples and validates their performance and durability under load and test conditions specified by the customer.

Upon request of the customer, IFA also validates the shaft function in the vehicle. Besides delivering to the car mass producers in Europe and North America, IFA also supplies the larger German and Italian sports car makers. IFA shafts are state of the art regarding performance, durability, weight, corrosion resilience, noise, vibration and telescope ability in case of a vehicle crash.

IFA is structured in the following product groups

IFA Powertrain

drive shafts and joints for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles

IFA Kardan

drive shafts for off-road and industry.

We Innovate the Drive Train and the Chassis.

IFA’s advanced development pushes the envelope of the state of the art with new designs for better performance and lower cost. IFA surveys customer requirements and applies IFA’s new technologies in customer projects.


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