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IFA opens new side shaft plant in Poland

  • 100 million euros future investment of the IFA Group
  • The side shaft business opens up access to the electromobility market
  • Around 500 new jobs by 2019

Ujazd/Polen (June 29th, 2017)

On June 29th, the IFA Group opened its new plant for side shafts in Ujazd, Poland with a festive celebration. After a record construction time of just eleven months, more than 200 guests from the world of politics, business and the automotive industry followed the invitation of the IFA management team to gain a personal impression of the state-of-the-art production facility. The IFA Group is investing around 100 million euros in the new facility, which is now producing side shafts for premium vehicles. In his speech, Dr. Robert Gutsche, CEO of the IFA Group, noted the importance of the new IFA plant: "IFA Polska is a milestone for the IFA Group. We diversify our product portfolio with side shafts, opening up access to the electromobility market and lowering our dependence on the drive system of classic vehicles with combustion engines.

My thanks to all those who have helped us, in such a short time, making our vision a reality with their outstanding performance. With almost 500 new jobs, IFA in Oppeln is a great opportunity for young people to remain at home and work at an international level. "

Step-by-step expansion according to the latest production standards

IFA Polska was designed according to the most modern IFA production standards (IPS), which are, for the first time, fully used in the group from beginning on. With uniform standards and processes, the new plant will produce at the highest efficiency level. IPS also ensures that the step-by-step set-up of production can be adapted smoothly to the call-off orders.

At start of production, more than 120 new employees were hired at the new location, which will initially produce up to 2,000 side shafts per day. Now production is gradually ramping up. After completing the four-stage expansion phase in 2019, a production capacity of 12,000 side shafts per day is planned. This means up to three million side shafts per year. In parallel, the headcount will be gradually increased to up to about 500 employees.

IFA Polska is located on an area of almost 13 hectares of land, which corresponds to approximately 12 soccer fields. The production hall covers approximately 33,000 square meters. By 2018, around 300 machines will be installed on the production floor. IFA Polska will soon be expanded to a new development location by setting up additional testing capacities. With IFA Polska, the IFA Group now has a total of eight development and production sites worldwide and employs around 2,500 people.

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