Environment & Energy

The IFA Group is Green

Environmental protection and responsible consumption of energy are corporate policy at IFA. The IFA group fulfills all legal requirements. IFA is certified acc. to DIN EN ISO 14001 and DIN EN ISO 50001.

Every day, IFA raises the question how to exceed the legal requirements to work for a clean environment. Our Team „Environment and Energy“ continuously develops new solutions, supported by a lively culture of submission of eco-proposals by our associates.

Our associates…

  • … switch off machines during idle times. 
  • … shut down the computer during work interrupts. 
  • … switch off the light when daylight suffices or when leaving the room. 
  • … separate waste types carefully. 
  • … avoid any type of waste. 
  • … car-pool to work. 

Selected projects

Water recycling by evaporation

About 60 cubic meters of waste water are generated every day at IFA Haldensleben. Since 2016 a new evaporation system ensures that 95% of all used water can be recycled by feeding the water back into production.

LED lighting 

Since 2015 the production halls and the outdoor premises are lit with energy-saving LED technology. IFA Haldensleben alone thus saves annually 500.000 kilowatthours electricity.

The environment is everbody’s business

IFA employs 3 000 associates. The actions of individual associates quickly add up to large impacts. Every little bit counts. IFA offers a constant train of information and trainings to keep the environment on every associoate’s mind.


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